Monday Morning.

I’m a Learning and Development practitioner with over 20 years working across a wide range of roles in the UK, the Middle East, and Scandinavia.

My work and academic interests reflect each other on the whole. These include the role technology plays in learning, social psychology and interpersonal dynamics, systems thinking and strategy making.

This blog is called ‘Monday Morning’ because I will always remember that when I first started going to conferences as a trainer, the mark of a successful conference was whether or not I came away with something that would be immediately useful, something that I could put into practice straight away, something tangible to make Monday morning’s classes extra special.

I’m also interested in keeping fit, have had a deep love of music throughout my life, and enjoy photography as a means of expression and communication.

And so these are the things that will fill this blog.

If you’re interested in my current or previous roles, do check out my LinkedIn profile.